• Fresh Bread

    Italian, nine grain, rye, and ciabatta, baked fresh daily
  • Cannolis

    Filled fresh daily, while you wait. Chocolate-covered shells also available.
  • Cupcakes, Cookies, and More

    Our master baker is on hand to make cupcakes, cookies, and more for your event.
    (Baked goods require advanced notice).
  • Order a Custom Cake

    Our cakes are baked just for you, to your flavor and size specifications.
    (Cakes require at least 3 days advance notice).
  • Wine

    Stop in to browse our selection of red and white wines.
  • Oreo Truffles

    Check our bakery cooler for oreo truffles, Buckeyes, cheesecake bites, bumpy cake and tiramisu slices, and more.
  • Butter Cookies

    Stop in for a variety of cookies, from our delicious butter cookies to our large gourmet cookies.
  • Biscotti

    A variety of Italian treats including biscotti, pizelles, and cannolis are always available.
  • Catering

    From fruit and vegetable trays to full, hot buffets, Maria's has a full catering menu and is able to cater events for all occasions.
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Start Your Morning

Breakfast Box Fresh, assorted fruit, choice of muffin or bagel, and orange juice. $9.99 per person
Breakfast Tray (2 items per person, 8 person minimum). Choose from an assortment of bagels, muffins, croissants, Danish and flavored breads, served with butter, cream cheese, and jam. $7.19 per person
  With fruit tray or fruit salad $10.27 per person
Juice   $2.19 per person
Hot Breakfast Buffet (20 person minimum). Your choice of quiche or scrambled eggs and your choice of three: hash browns, bagels, croissants, or muffins.
Includes juice, coffee, bacon, sausage, butter, jam, and fruit salad.
$19.99 per person

Executive Box Lunches

8 person minimum

Deli Sandwich Box Lunch 1/4 lb. deli sandwich, fruit or pasta salad, chips, and gourmet cookie. $13.25
Grilled Chicken Box Lunch Marinated grilled chicken on ciabatta bread, pretzel roll or onion roll, fruit or pasta salad, chips, and gourmet cookie. $15.50
Grilled Chicken Caesar Box Lunch   $15.50
Lighter Fair Box Lunch Fresh garden, chicken, or tuna salad, fruit or pasta salad, chips, and a gourmet cookie. $15.50

Party Trays

Order by number of people, 8 person minimum

Meat & Cheese Tray Your choice of any three domestic meats and any two cheeses. Beautifully arranged and ready to serve with relishes, mayo, mustard, and a choice of one salad (potato, slaw, pasta, etc). $11.99 per person
Premium Sandwich Tray Fully prepared sandwiches or subs from your choice of domestic meats, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, mayo, and a choice of salad. $11.99 per person
Stuffed Bread Tray Fresh round bread, filled with tuna, chicken, or seafood salad (1/3 lb per person), served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and assorted bread and crackers. $11.99 per person
  Add freshly baked croissants & bread $1.85 per person
Mini Croissant Tray (2 per person) 1.5 oz croissant, filled with chicken, tuna, or seafood salad $4.59 per person
Fruit Tray Assorted fruits with our famous fruit dip $4.59 per person
Cheese & Fruit Assortment of cheese and crackers with fruit and our famous fruit dip $5.29 per person
Cheese, Crackers, & Salami Assortment of salami and cheese, accompanied by crackers and breadsticks $5.69 per person
Premium Vegetable Tray Freshly cut vegetables, arrnaged beautifully with vegetable dip $4.59 per person
Spinach Dip Pumpernickel bread filled with spinach dip, accompanied by bread and crackers $4.59 per person
Rolled Sandwich Tray with salad $11.99 per person
Stromboli Tray Your choice of stromboli (2 slices per person), arranged on a tray with salad $11.99 per person


15 person minimum

Miniature Quiche   $2.99 each
Mini Meatballs in red, Swedish, or sweet and sour sauce. 1/3 lb per person $4.19 per person
Mini Tortellini Skewers Choice of sundried tomato or spinach parmesan dip $2.99 each
Scallops wrapped in bacon   $3.99 each
Buffalo Wings With BBQ sauce or ranch dressing $4.69 each
Mini Chicken Kebobs   $4.99 each
Mini Baby Back Ribs 1/2 slab per person $7.15 per person
Mini Stromboli 2 slices per person $4.99 per person
Mini Cheese or Spinach Pie   $2.99 each
Stuffed Mushroom Caps   $2.99 each
Focaccia Bread Appetizer size. Add marinara, sundried tomato, or roasted garlic olive oil at market price. $4.25 each
7-Layer Tex Mex Dip with Chips Made with homemade guacamole, fresh diced veggies, and more $4.99 per person
Fruit Kebob with dip   $4.25 per person
Shrimp Trays (10 person minimum, 4 per person) Market Price
Premium Veggie & Dip Trays   $4.59 per person
Gourmet cheese & cracker tray   $4.69 per person


Hot Entrées

8 person minimum. All entrees served with tossed salad and dressing, fresh rolls and butter, and fresh cannoli.

Chicken Explosion   $14.59 per person
Homemade Lasagna Choose from meat, spinach, or eggplant parmesan. $14.59 per person
Ravioli or Manicotti   $14.59 per person
Mostaccioli   $14.59 per person
Gnocchi (potato dumpling) $14.59 per person
Vegetable Lasagna   $14.59 per person
Fettucini Alfredo (pasta with cream sauce) $15.49 per person
  Add chicken and spinach $16.99 per person
Baked Ziti Layered with Italian sausage, ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and sauce $15.49 per person
Pasta and Meatballs or Italian Sausage Available sauces: Meat, pesto, alfredo, or marinara $15.49 per person
Herb-baked Italian Chicken   $15.49 per person
Breaded baked chicken   $15.49 per person
Chicken parmesan with pasta   $17.99 per person
Chicken Kiev   $16.99 per person
Chicken Cordon Bleu   $16.99 per person
Chicken Marsala Boneless chicken with Marsala mushroom sauce $16.99 per person
Chicken Piccata Chicken with lemon, capers, and a wine mushroom sauce $16.99 per person
Roast Beef Dinner   $22.99 per person
Beef Tenderloin Dinner   Market Price

A La Carte and Side Dishes

Meatballs $4.99 per person
Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions $4.99 per person
Kielbasa & Sauerkraut $4.75 per person
Pan of Lasagna Half pan (serves 6-12)- $55.99
Full pan (serves 18-24)- $85.99
Pan of Mostaccioli Half pan- $55.99
Full pan-$75.99
Italian Breaded Boneless Chicken Breasts $6.59 per person (2 pieces each)
Italian Breaded Chicken $5.99 per person (1.5 pieces each)
Chicken Explosion Half pan- $55.99
Full pan- $89.99
Fried Chicken $6.99 per person (2 pieces each)
Fried Chicken $5.99 per person, 2 pieces each

Sides (12 person minimum)

$3.49 per person

Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese
Green Beans & Almonds
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Irish Roasted Potatoes
Redskin Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Baked Potato & Sour Cream
Scalloped Potatoes
Au Gratin Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables
Green Bean Casserole
Roasted Vegetable ($3.99 per person)

Fresh Salads

Tossed Lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper, cucumber, and dressing.   $3.19 per person
Greek Lettuce, tomato, beets, feta cheese, olives, cucumbers, onions, pepperoncini peppers, and our homemade Greek dressing.   $4.59 per person
Chef Lettuce, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, ham, turkey, Swiss and American cheese, and your choice of dressing.   $4.99 per person
Caesar Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese, and our Caesar dressing.   $3.99 per person
  With grilled chicken   $5.29 per person
Antipasto Lettuce, salami, ham, provolone, marinated artichoke hearts, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, green peppers, onions, and dressing.   $4.99 per person

Super Italian Submarines

3 Foot Serves 6-12 $47.99
4 Foot Serves 10-12 $49.99
6 Foot Serves 18-20 $67.99

All subs include mayo, mustard, Italian dressing, onions, and mild peppers on the side.
Have your sub customized or cut - $5.00 for every 3 feet


Miniature Pastry Tray 3 pastries per person. Mini cannoli, éclairs, cream puffs, and tarts, beautifully arranged $5.19 per person
Custom Gourmet Cheesecakes Please allow at least 48 hours notice. Homemade New York Style. Marble, chocolate chip, white chocolate raspberry swirl, double chocolate, chocolate raspberry, or plain with fruit topping, or ask about your favorite. 9" cheesecake (serves 12-16) - $45.99
Old Fashioned Carrot Cakes   8" - $49.99
6" - $30.00
Tea Cookie Trays Available in 3 lb or 5 lb trays 3 lb - $32.99
5 lb - $49.99
Gourmet Cookie Trays An assortment of Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Macadamia, Peanut Butter, M & M, and special flavors. $2.50 per cookie
Add $3 for tray