• Fresh Bread

    Italian, nine grain, rye, and ciabatta, baked fresh daily
  • Cannolis

    Filled fresh daily, while you wait. Chocolate-covered shells also available.
  • Cupcakes, Cookies, and More

    Our master baker is on hand to make cupcakes, cookies, and more for your event.
    (Baked goods require advanced notice).
  • Order a Custom Cake

    Our cakes are baked just for you, to your flavor and size specifications.
    (Cakes require at least 3 days advance notice).
  • Wine

    Stop in to browse our selection of red and white wines.
  • Oreo Truffles

    Check our bakery cooler for oreo truffles, Buckeyes, cheesecake bites, bumpy cake and tiramisu slices, and more.
  • Butter Cookies

    Stop in for a variety of cookies, from our delicious butter cookies to our large gourmet cookies.
  • Biscotti

    A variety of Italian treats including biscotti, pizelles, and cannolis are always available.
  • Catering

    From fruit and vegetable trays to full, hot buffets, Maria's has a full catering menu and is able to cater events for all occasions.

Let Maria's Do Your Holiday Cooking and Baking!

Host the Holidays with Help from Maria's!
15 Person Minimum

Choose your main course:

Beef Tenderloin ($29.99 per person) OR

Chicken Marsala ($19.99 per person) OR

Chicken Piccata ($19.99 per person) OR

Stuffed Barciole ($24.99 per person) 

Choose a starch:

Italian Mac & Cheese OR Roasted Red Skin Potatoes

Choose a vegetable:

Green Beans and Almonds OR Mixed Vegetables

Also included with dinner is

tossed salad & dressing, mixed rolls & butter, and mini cannolis

Another main course option is:

Chicken Explosion ($15.99 per person)

With the choice of vegetable, and a fruit tray.


Fresh & Holiday Kielbasa

(Order Early!)


Order a Dearborn or Kowalski Spiral Ham from Maria's!

(Priced by weight)


Have your order in by December 19!

Order early for homemade lasagna (Meat, Spinach, Veggie, or Eggplant Parmesan)

We need 7 day notice for homemade Gnocchi and avioli




Why Bake? Let us do your baking!


Our Famous Hand Decorated Sugar Cookies $12.75/lb
Homemade Cookie Trays with everyone's favorites:
Thumbprints, Russian Tea Cakes, Fruit Foldovers, Buttermint,
Clothespins, Angel Wings, and Pecan Tarts
3 lb tray - $39.99
5 lb tray - $59.99
plus tax
Tea Cookie Trays - all assorted butter cookies, fruit filled,
chocolate Florentine lace, and much much more
3 lb tray - $29.99
5 lb tray - $3.99
plus tax
New York Cheesecakes
(Plain, Pumpkin, White Chocolate Raspberry, or Marble)
6" - $19.99
10" - $32.99
Pumpkin Tiramisu 6" - $19.99
8" - $29.99
Yule Log (serve 8-10 people) $33.99
Mini Pastry Tray (with mini eclairs, mini cream puffs, mini cannolis)
3 pieces per person
 $4.19 per person

Italian Cassatta Cake
(yellow sponge cake with layers of raspberry and cannoli cream)
8" serves 15-18


Italian Fruit Cassata
(Italian Fruit Tart)
Bumpy Cakes (8 inch serves 12-15 people) $29.99
Regular Cannoli small - $1.85
large - $2.15
Chocolate Cannoli small - $2.19
large - $2.89
Maria's Famous Fruitcake Cookies $9.99/lb


Maria’s Italian Bakery, Deli & Catering Holiday Appetizer Menu

(15 person minimum unless otherwise noted)


Mini Portabella Pizza $2.50 each

Stuffed Mushroom Caps $2.75 each

Mini Quiche $2.75 each

Mini Spinach or Cheese Pies $2.00 each

Antipasto Skewer 1 per person $2.75 per person

Fresh Shrimp Tray 4 per person $5.75 per person

Mini Chicken Kabobs 1 per person $2.75 per person

Coconut Chicken 1 per person $2.50 per person

Chicken Tenders 1 per person $2.50 per person

Crab Rangoon 1 per person $2.25 per person

Mini Stromboli 1 per person $2.99 per person

Artichoke Dip with Chips $2.75 per person

Tex Mex $2.75 per person

Asparagus Wrapped in Beef Tenderloin $4.50 each (20 minimum)

Mini Chicken Quesadillas $4.00 each

Brioche Rolls with Thinly-Sliced Beef Tenderloin $5.75 per sandwich

-Arugula with a Ketchup, Horseradish, and Mayonnaise Sauce

Butterflake Rolls $6.99/dozen
Brioche Rolls $6.99/dozen
Egg Knot Rolls $6.99/dozen
Italian Hard Rolls $5.99/dozen
9 Grain Rolls $6.99/dozen
Pretzel Rolls $6.99/dozen