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Have Thanksgiving with Maria's!


Maria's Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner


$34.99 per person – 12 person minimum



- Herb roasted turkey

- Stuffing

- Cranberry chutney

- Your choice of mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes

- Your choice of green beans with slivered almonds, green bean casserole, or roasted vegetables

- Tossed salad with your choice of dressing

- Rolls

- Your choice of apple or pumpkin pie




We also offer individual items to help make your Thanksgiving dinner easier!


Thanksgiving Essentials:

Gravy (for your turkey or potatoes) - $15.00 per quart

Stuffing - $3.99 per person



Butter-flake rolls - $10.99 per dozen

Italian hard rolls - $7.99 per dozen

Egg knot rolls - $10.99 per dozen

Brioche rolls - $10.99 per dozen


Pies and Specialty Cakes:

Pumpkin pie - $13.99

Butter apple pie - $16.99

Pecan - $17.99

Cherry - $21.99

Caramel apple walnut - $18.99

Lemon meringue - $14.99

Chocolate silk - $21.99


Cassata cake - $60 for an 8” cake: serves 15 to 18!